Custom Cooler manufacturers a wide range of hinged doors to meet your cold storage door needs. A variety of styles, sizes and finishes are available for use in new or replacement walk-in cool and freezer applications.

All doors feature foamed-in-place urethane insulation meeting the standards of the Energy Independence Act. For low-temperature applications, anti-sweat door heaters and threshold heaters are available.

Custom Cooler’s replacement doors offer your customer a way to fix the part of the walk-in that gets the most use and the most abuse. By putting on a new door you may be able to extend the life of the walk-in another 5 years if there is no other panel damage.

Another use for a replacement door may be to add an additional door to an existing walk-in. In this case we would supply you with a door that is pre-mounted to a face frame & jamb.

Please consult either your local Custom Cooler sales rep or the factory.