Custom Cooler’s replacement doors offer your customer a way to fix the part of the walk-in that gets the most use, and the most abuse. By putting on a new door they may be able to extend the life of the walk-in another 5 years if there is no other panel damage.

Another reason a customer may want to use a replacement door is if they find they need a different size door than what they currently have. Our doors can be used to change an opening size to accommodate typically a new larger door.

Doors can be built as cooler or freezer with 3 sided or 4 sided frames.

* Stop Air Leaks Causing Ice Build-up Around Door
* Replace a Damaged Door
* Upgrade to a Larger Size Door

* Heated Door & Frame - Available
* Various Finishes Available
* Jamb & Back Casing Available
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CLP Spec.pdf
CLP Spec.pdf


   CLP Spec.pdf
   Camlock Walk-in CF Spec.pdf
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